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Our activities

A curated selection of significant initiatives concerning the Department's Third Mission can be found on this page.

Big science, big data, tech giants

Knowledge, information, digital content in all forms: Big Science like CERN's creates tools to manage Big Data as a public good, but the Tech Giants (Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, Tencent, Alibaba, Amazon) turn it into private extra-profits and generate new social inequalities. Can sovereignty over data be returned to those who produce it?

More information is available below (in Italian language).

Data and migration policies

The amount of data, both traditional and nontraditional, available for the study of migration has increased in recent years. The analysis of data potentially allows for improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of migration policy interventions, but its collection needs to be properly organized and access for analysis purposes needs to be made available to researchers and policy makers.

More information is available below.

Data science for healthcare management: new challenges from new emergencies

Can data science be a key tool to address the new challenges and overcome the new emergencies that will inevitably arise in the coming years? And what will be its role in healthcare? How can healthcare managers and professionals leverage data sources and innovative analytical tools to improve healthcare service delivery processes and quality? And what is the impact on patients? Are they just passive "users" or can they play an active role in the information production process?

More information is available below.

We are Data Science

The digital revolution has helped bring out the value of data in society. Open Data are the main ingredients of transparency and participation, but without new skills in analytics - Data Literacy - and critical capabilities, data is just Infodemia.

More information is available below (in italian language).