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PhD programme

The Ph.D. program in Economics is designed to equip candidates with the skills to conduct original studies at the forefront of scientific research within their chosen field of study and specialization.

The course

Studenti neo laureati

The PhD in Economics includes a mandatory advanced teaching phase that serves to provide the methodological and specific knowledge beyond the previous levels of training. 

The candidate will choose a research topic within the strands represented in the College of Professors and must develop a thesis composed mainly of original articles that the College of Professors judges publishable in scientific journals of international standing.

The Ph.D. program aspires to train scholars capable of orienting themselves in the international environment of research in Economics and actively interacting with it, both in academia and in international public institutions and private research centers.

The successful candidate, after three years of study and research under the close supervision of faculty members, will be able to:

  • Propose economic policies to address practical economic situations, relevant economic issues in the real world and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Formulate relevant research questions;
  • Design a comprehensive research strategy;
  • Use up-to-date models and empirical approaches;
  • Present research findings in articles suitable for publications in international scientific journals.

Research areas

Students apply their studies in one of eight areas where faculty are at the frontier of economic research:

  • International trade, global business and migration
  • Econometrics
  • Environmental and energy economics
  • Labor, health and education economics
  • Public economics and policy evaluation
  • Industrial organization
  • Macroeconomics, monetary and fiscal policy
  • Economic theory; Individual decisions and experimental economics

Course coordinator

The coordinator of the doctoral course in Economics is Prof. Fabrizio Iacone.