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On sustainability, the financial system must accelerate

The economic-financial system is still unprepared for the economic choices imposed by climate change, although it is gearing up. This is the summary of what emerged during the Financial Intermediation Network of European Studies workshop, organized by the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods of the University of Milan and Essex Business School, a conference within which Italian and international researchers and practitioners compared their most recent studies and experiences in sustainable finance.

While the younger generation is showing more attention to sustainability issues, including from a financial perspective, the general impression is that the flywheel and opportunities available are still too little known and exploited by the system as a whole.

Greater sharing and homogenization of data as well as more incisive interventions from the point of view of institutions, which are called upon to regulate the rules of the game within an ever-changing landscape, are to be encouraged and fostered, so that sustainability becomes to all intents and purposes capable of generating value at the financial level as well.

Watch Finest Workshop on YouTube.