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Work Training and Welfare

The WTW - Work, Training and Welfare Research Center was established in 2001 at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Milan by a group of scholars (economists, jurists, political scientists, psychologists, sociologists and historians) who share a common interest in labor and welfare issues. 

The Center aims to promote and conduct research and analysis on issues related to labor, training and welfare. It adopts a comparative perspective and embraces an interdisciplinary approach.


The WTW Research Center is dedicated to theoretical and applied analysis of individuals' training and work paths, starting with the conditioning of the social environment of origin, moving through training processes in educational and university institutions, dealing with transitions into and out of the labor market, and focusing on individual work careers. 

Particular attention is paid to the interplay between the functioning of institutions (be they organizations--such as schools and universities--or regulations--such as minimum wages or prohibitions on layoffs) and market dynamics.

The center benefits from the synergy produced by a multidisciplinary approach that allows it to account for the different dimensions in which the analysis of complex phenomena such as work in contemporary society is articulated.

The center’s objectives include:

  • Promoting coordinated research projects on a European scale, benefiting from the synergies of theoretical and empirical analysis from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Promoting the visibility of research results produced by the center's members, through the revitalization of the working paper series of the pre-existing center of the same name.
  • Carrying out research projects that result in illustrative and/or popularizing collections of the evolution of specific research topics.
  • Conducting commissioned research by clients outside the university, including government departments and private foundations.
  • Organization of seminars and/or workshops.


The WTW Steering Committee comprises the following members:

  • Gabriele Ballarino
  • Massimiliano Bratti
  • Daniele Checchi
  • Antonio Filippin
  • Carlo Fiorio
  • Tommaso Frattini
  • Stefano Iacus
  • Prof. Marco Leonardi
  • Agata Maida
  • Massimo Pallini
  • Roberto Pedersini
  • Stefano Sacchi
  • Silvia Salini

The director of the Center

The director of the Center is Prof. Roberto Pedersini from the Department of Social and Political Sciences.