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ICONA Center

ICONA is a Coordinated Research Center (CRC) of the University of Milan.

It was founded in February 2006 by a group of faculty members from the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences.

The Center's projects benefit from the research resources and facilities provided by the following Departments:

  • Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods
  • Department of Computer Science "Giovanni degli Antoni"
  • Department of Social and Political Sciences


The institutional mission of the ICONA Center is to study innovation and organizational change within public administrations, with a particular focus on the development of digitization, from an interdisciplinary perspective, and thus contribute to the realization of the public sector's goals in promoting the welfare of the country and in the pursuit of the objectives set by the European Digital Agenda.

In particular, ICONA’s key objectives include:

  • Facilitating opportunities for engagement and discussions with government officials.
  • Organizing national and international seminars, conferences, and symposia.
  • Generating recommendations and operational proposals for transformative change.
  • Conducting theoretical analyses and empirical research to support decision-making and innovation processes in public administrations.
  • Proposing new decision-making and public policy evaluation tools.


The Steering Committee of ICONA comprises the following members:

  • Gabriele Bottino
  • Walter Castelnovo
  • Fiorella De Cindio
  • Diana-Urania Galetta
  • Giampietro Gobo
  • Chiara Guglielmetti
  • Nicola Pasini
  • Gloria Regonini
  • Maddalena Sorrentino
  • Matteo Turri

The director of the Center

The director of the Center is Prof. Maddalena Sorrentino from the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods.