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Books and publications of 2022


Autore: Alessandro Lanteri
Articolo: Conditional regression for single-index models

Autore: Giovanni Puccetti
Articolo: General construction and classes of explicit L1-optimal couplings

Economic Theory

Autore: Claudia Meroni
Articolo: Poisson–Cournot games

Electronic Journal of Statistics

Autore: Lorenzo Mercuri
Articolo: Noise inference for ergodic Lévy driven SDE

European Economic Review

Autore: Massimiliano Bratti
Articolo: When need meets merit: The effect of increasing merit requirements in need-based student aid

European Journal of Operational Research

Autore: Giovanni Puccetti
Articolo: Fair allocation of indivisible goods with minimum inequality or minimum envy

Health Economics

Autore: Mazzarella Gianluca
Articolo: Perceived risk and vaccine hesitancy: Quasi-experimental evidence from Italy

Industrial and Corporate Change

Autore: Massimo Florio
Articolo: To what extent patents for Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are based on public research and taxpayers’ funding? A case study on the privatization of knowledge

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

Autore: Iacone Fabrizio
Articolo: Semiparametric Tests for the Order of Integration in the Possible Presence of Level Breaks

Autore: Rossini Luca
Articolo: Proper Scoring Rules for Evaluating Density Forecasts with Asymmetric Loss Functions

Journal of Development Economics

Autore: De Nadai Michele
Articolo: The Insights and Illusions of Consumption Measurements

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Autore: D'Adda Giovanna
Articolo: Evaluating the impact of technological renovation and competition on energy consumption in the workplace

Journal of Human Resources

Autore: Fasani Francesco Maria
Articolo: Risk Attitudes and Household Migration Decisions

Journal of International Economics

Autore: Ariu Andrea
Articolo: Foreign Workers, Product Quality, and Trade: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Journal of Regional Science

Autore: Barba Navaretti Giorgio
Articolo: Access to capital markets and the geography of productivity leaders and laggards


Autore: Vojtech Bartos
Articolo: Communicating doctors’ consensus persistently increases COVID-19 vaccinations

Quantitative Economics

Autore: Antonio Filippin
Articolo: Risk Aversion and Information Aggregation in Binary-Asset Markets

Regional Studies

Autore: Del Bo Fernanda Chiara Maria
Articolo: Smart cities and urban inequality

Autore: Rentocchini Francesco
Articolo: Regional artificial intelligence and the geography of environmental technologies: does local AI knowledge help regional green-tech specialization?

Research Policy

Autore: Florio Massimo
Articolo: Public support of science: A contingent valuation study of citizens' attitudes about CERN with and without information about implicit taxes

Autore: Vandone Daniela
Articolo: Financial support to innovation: The role of European development financial institutions

Review of Economic Dynamics

Autore: Massaro Domenico
Articolo: Great volatility, great moderation and great moderation again

The Annals of Applied Statistics

Autore: Rossini Luca
Articolo: Inference in Bayesian Additive Vector Autoregressive Tree Models