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Books and publications of 2021

Bayesian Analysis

Autore: Samantha Leorato
Articolo: A Bayesian Factor Model for Spatial Panel Data with a Separable Covariance Approach

European Journal of Operational Research

Autore: Giovanni Puccetti
Articolo: Fair allocation of indivisible goods with minimum inequality or minimum envy

Industrial and Corporate Change

Autori: Mario BenassiFrancesco Rentocchini
Articolo: Patenting in 4IR technologies and firm performance

International Journal of Industrial Organization

Autore: Paolo Garella
Articolo: Behavior based price personalization under vertical product differentiation

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

Autore: Fabrizio Iacone
Articolo: Semiparametric Tests for the Order of Integration in the Possible Presence of Level Breaks

Journal of Business Ethics

Autore: Lamberto Zollo
Articolo: The consumers’ emotional dog learns to persuade its rational tail : Toward a social intuitionist framework of ethical consumption

Journal of Corporate Finance

Autore: Marta Degl'Innocenti
Articolo: Large customer-supplier links and syndicate loan structure

Journal of Economic Geography

Autori: Francesco Fasani MariaTommaso Frattini 
Articolo: (The Struggle for) Refugee integration into the labour market: evidence from Europe

Journal of Health Economics

Autore: Simona Gamba
Articolo: R&D and market size : Who benefits from orphan drug legislation?

Journal of Human Resources

Autore: Agata Maida
Articolo: Breaking from the starting gate on the right foot: Employment effects of an investment in human capital

Journal of Monetary Economics

Autore: Domenico Massaro
Articolo: Managing Self-Organization of Expectations through Monetary Policy: a Macro Experiment

Journal of the European Economic Association

Autori: Francesco Fasani MariaTommaso Frattini
Articolo: Lift the Ban? Initial Employment Restrictions and Refugee Labour Market Outcomes

Regional Studies

Autore: Chiara Fernanda Maria Del Bo
Articolo: Smart cities and urban inequality

Review of Economic Dynamics

Autore: Domenico Massaro
Articolo: Great volatility, great moderation and great moderation again