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Books and publications of 2020


Autore: Federica Nicolussi
Articolo: Context-Specific Independencies in Stratified Chain Regression Graphical Models

Electronic Journal of Statistics

Autore: Samantha Leorato
Articolo: Random distributions via Sequential Quantile Array

Games and Economic Behavior

Autore: Giovanna D'Adda
Articolo: Social norms with private values : theory and experiments

Industrial and Corporate Change

Autori: Andrea Bastianin, Chiara Del Bo
Articolo: Public procurement in Big Science: politics or technology? The case of CERN

Journal of Applied Econometrics

Autore: Fabrizio Iacone
Articolo: Comparing predictive accuracy in small samples using fixed‐smoothing asymptotics

Journal of Economic Geography

Autore: Alberto Bucci
Articolo: Specialization vs. Competition : An anatomy of increasing returns to scale

Journal of international economics

Autore: Andrea Ariu
Articolo: One Way to the Top: How Services Boost the Demand for Goods

Journal of Regional Science

Autore: Massimiliano Bratti
Articolo: Breaking from the starting gate on the right foot: Employment effects of an investment in human capital

Journal of Urban Economics

Autore: Massimiliano Bratti
Articolo: Geographical proximity to refugee reception centres and voting

Regional Studies

Autore: Valentina Morretta
Articolo: Regional disparities and industrial structure: territorial capital and productivity in Italian firms

Research Policy

Autore: Massimo Florio, Francesco Rentocchini 
Articolo: Firm ownership, quality of government and innovation: Evidence from patenting in the telecommunication industry

Autore: Anita Quas
Articolo: Bridging the equity gap for young innovative companies: The design of effective government venture capital fund programs

Review of Economics and Statistics

Autore: Daniele Checchi
Articolo: Incentives and careers in Academia : theory and empirical analysis