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The Council is the governing body responsible for guiding, planning, coordinating and verifying the Department's activities. To fulfill this purpose, it exercises all powers conferred on it by the regulations and the University Statute.

The role of the Council

The Council within the scope of its institutional purposes and in compliance with University regulations, is tasked with:

  • Developing regulations and policy documents related to the annual and three-year general lines of activity;
  • Making proposals on the relevant budget and deliberating on its utilization and reporting;
  • Managing the technical and administrative services of the department.
  • Defining the need for professors, researchers, and technical-administrative staff.
  • Organizing and coordinating teaching activities by ensuring coverage of all subjects; proposing activation of new courses, as well as modifications and updates to teaching offerings;
  • Proposing the conclusion of contracts with the public administration and public and private entities, and providing services for third parties, in accordance with the directives of the Board of Directors.
  • Directing and coordinating research activities: establishing criteria for the use of funds for scientific activities, regulating the use of research facilities and resources, reviewing and approving scientific research projects and funding requests from Department components.

Teaching staff

All professors, tenured researchers and fixed-term researchers who make up the Department's staff are members of the Council.

Technical administrative staff

In attendance at the council are: 

  • Administrative officers and high professionals (EP);
  • One representative of the technical-administrative staff, elected by the assembly as specified in the regulations.

Other representatives

A number of representatives from the following categories also serve on the department council:

  • Research Assistants
  • PhD students
  • Students