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Brown Bag seminar: Domenico Massaro - University of Milan

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The usual appointment with Brown Bag seminars is back, this time the speaker will be Domenico Massaro dell'Università degli Studi di Milano.


Get together for lunch and discuss your research topics in a relaxed and approachable environment.

This is the essence of the "Brown Bag" seminars. The title takes inspiration from the paper used to close sandwiches at home, before transporting them to the workplace and storing them until lunchtime.

With this in mind, it is clear that the key word of the "Brown Bag" seminars is "informality."

The focus is on exposing one's studies still in the preliminary stage and receiving advice and opinions, developing a discussion that goes beyond the very moment of the meeting.

The serene environment, friendly atmosphere and great participation of academics make this seminar series particularly fruitful and constructive for younger people.



This paper investigates the contribution of the Great Retirement to the post-pandemic inflation surge. We first provide reduced-form evidence for the following chain of events: pandemic-induced layoffs triggered a surge in early-retirements, which reduced labor supply and increased labor market tightness, ultimately causing inflationary pressures in the form of higher wages. Moreover, we develop a New Keynesian model with endogenous labor market participation and estimate it to quantitatively assess the impact of retirement on inflation.